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This role-card shows what demand
specific roles are in. If a role
is in High Demand then you are more
likely to be accepted than a role in
low demand.  photo Key_zps199eb011.png

RED - High Demand

ORANGE - Medium Demand

GREEN - Low Demand

 photo Infantry_zps5234a952.png



Combat Medical Technician

Designated Marksman

Automatic Rifleman

 photo MechanizedInfantry_zpsafee191d.png

FV-510 Warrior Driver

FV-510 Warrior Commander

FV-510 Warrior Gunner

 photo RotaryWing_zps0866fe3b.png

AH-64D Apache Pilot

AH-64D Apache Gunner

CH-47 Chinook Pilot

CH-47 Chinook Crewman

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2RRF Modpack Update

2RRF Modpack *UPDATE* by R. Wilkes

A new update has been released for our modpack which introduces several new additions such as the FV-510 Warrior in the DGBAF pack along with CSE Updates and MGB Killhouses which allows for extended methods of training units when it comes to Building and Compound clearing. Alot of the features for our modpack have been massively improved to make our unit feel more authentic and immersive.

Additionally, the REME are working on setting up an ARMA 3 Sync which allows you to easily update and manage mods rather than installing mods through mediafire.

With an update to the actual modpack, however, comes new instructions as to how you must install it, as shown below;


  • Install the modpack from the mediafire link as you would any other.
  • Open the file and extract the folder into your ARMA 3 Directory.
  • Delete the folder in your ARMA 3 Directory named "@2rrf"
    And you're done!
    - If you have any technical issues please contact 'Cpl. J. Bache' or any member of the REME.